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Hello welcome to the NEWS page of our College Guidance & Placement web site. My expectation is this will be an innovative and informative venue for gathering and expressing information about the delicate college selection process.  My mission is to have sections in the page that will welcome contributions from just about everyone imaginable in the process – Deans of Admissions and members of their staffs, high school students currently engaged in the selection process, high school counselors , my former clients and current college students offering advice and recommendations as former participants in the process, parents who are going through the process with their sons or daughters, etc. Here are the features of the page I expect to create and fold into the page as it evolves.


First Friday Newsletter

Every first Friday there will be a monthly Newsletter. Here are some features of the Newsletter being planned

Glean from the Deans

Each month I will pose a question to selected Deans of Admission for them, or appointed members of their staff, to answer and make recommendations from their answer. The question will be timely for seasons of the college selection cycle. For example, for March I expect to pose a question about standardized admissions testing – SAT and/or ACT. – a question, their answer, and a recommendation from the answer. So, look for the Glean from the Deans section of the Newsletter for March 2nd.


Qs and As and Recommendations

This will be a more general or generic Qs and As section. I or some of my colleagues may pose a question, give and answer to the question, and make a recommendation. Any of you could also pose a question to the page and ask for or expect a recommendation from the answer – a form of a chat or bulletin board section to the page.


Social Networking

You are probably asking Will this be like Facebook ? Not really, because it will be controlled by me. Many admissions officers often caution students about using Facebook in the college selection process. My aim will be to provide recruitment networking between prospective students and personnel in admissions offices. Students will log in with a username and password. My clients in my Comprehensive College Selection Program will log in and upload a photo, their personal Resume, and even a litany of academic and co-curricular accomplishments. I will encourage admissions personnel to back link into the network from their web sites and email accounts.