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What are the sources of stress in the process of selecting a college that is the best choice for you? Feeling overwhelmed with getting started. Not knowing the right people to contact in admissions. Not spending a sufficient amount of time with a counselor for proper guidance. Wondering if college is affordable. Not receiving guidance toward completing applications and drafting essays.

As a college placement consultant my mission is to reduce the angst and anxiety, and to make my students and parents feel comfortable and confident with the college selection process.

To learn about my credentials and experience as a an educational consultant in college counseling click on About James Heryer. To learn about my Comprehensive College Selection Program click on College Selection Program. I invite you to Contact Me through the sidebar for additional information or to schedule an initial consultation with no obligation.

Our Private Tutoring Program for college admissions testing offers an effective remedy to one of the earliest sources of stress in the college selection process. Some school districts administer preliminary takes of the two testing programs. For the ACT it is the PLAN, and for the SAT the PSAT. Score reports are filed before the end of the first semester of the junior year. Sooner than expected, students are faced with the first takes of the real ACT or the SAT – the ones that count and colleges can see. Anxiety sets in quickly as students ponder how they can improve their scores to be more competitive for college admission and competition for merit-based scholarships. If you are one of those students, you have come to the right website. To learn more about the mission and the structure of our personalized, one-on-one Private Tutoring Program for College Admissions Testing – PSAT, SAT and ACT Click on Private Tutoring Program

I hope you enjoy learning about our valuable services

James Heryer, M.A. CEP (Certified Educational Planner)