About James Heryer

Mr. Heryer has been in private practice as an educational consultant since 1987. Formerly the Director of College Guidance and Standardized Testing at The Sunset Hill School prior to a merger that created The Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City and at Pembroke Hill after the merger, he has years of experience in the area of college guidance. In addition, he had experience at Sunset Hill as the Advanced Placement Coordinator, Upper School Principal, and the Dean of Faculty. He was the Test Center Supervisor for The Educational Testing Service at The Pembroke Hill Center.

He is an expert at guiding students and their parents through the process of applying to colleges and universities. He provides consultation for establishing specific goals and objectives in the college selection process including an appropriate course of study for the college bound high school student. In addition, he provides interpretation of standardized testing scores that apply to the admission process, as well as strategies for completing applications to highly-selective colleges and universities.

Mr. Heryer has free resources available regarding the financial aid application process, performing online college searches, and invaluable websites for networking with admissions personnel. For these resources and more, email james@jamesheryer.com or call 816-989-5666.

Because of Mr. Heryer’s extensive and long-standing associations with college admission personnel, clients receive the benefit of the most direct and current information regarding policies and procedures in college admissions. To view what students and parents have said about The James Heryer Method, visit Testimonials.