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January 14, 2012 in by admin

What are the sources of stress in the process of selecting a college that is the best choice for you? What questions do you have about the process? Feeling overwhelmed with getting started?

As a college placement consultant my mission is to reduce the angst and anxiety, and to make my students and parents feel comfortable and confident with the college selection process.  I am able to provide one-on-one guidance that can be difficult to come by in many high school settings.  I am well connected with admissions people from across the country and know what they look for in a successful application and essay.  Once you find the right college I know the strategies for making it more affordable.

Private tutoring for all aspects of standardized testing for the college admission process – PSAT, SAT (including subject tests), ACT, AP Testing, ESL, and TOEFL is available through a referral program with qualified  associates locally, as well as established nationally  recognized test preparation companies.

To learn about my credentials and experience as a an educational consultant in college counseling click on About James Heryer. To learn more about The James Heryer Method – A Comprehensive College Selection Program click on College Planning. I invite you to contact me through email at james@jamesheryer.com or by phone at 816-898-5666 for additional information or to schedule an initial consultation with no obligation.

I hope you enjoy learning about our valuable services

James Heryer, M.A. 

Professional Membership: NACAC IECA