The following is a list of students who have benefited from
The Comprehensive College Selection Program

Marc Ohlhausen
Liberty North High School, Liberty, MO
Washington University-St. Louis (Early Decision)

We are very happy we chose to tap Jim Heryer’s expertise. My son, Marc, had done well in school but really had no clear direction for college. Jim was able to review Marc’s qualifications and key in on his personal characteristics to come up with a wide-ranging list of choices for him. It was empowering for our son to have someone outside the family validate his accomplishments and encourage him to apply to more selective programs. Because of this, he was able to navigate the entire process with more confidence and was very pleased to get his top choice for college. I would highly recommend seeking Jim Heryer’s guidance for this important process that otherwise can be quite daunting!

Deborah Ohlhausen, MD (parent)

Mr. Heryer took the time to get to know me and helped me focus on what I really wanted in a school. I think it helps a lot that he is familiar with and has connections to many schools across the United States. Having Mr. Heryer as a counselor really helped me get through this difficult process with as little stress as possible.

Marc Ohlhausen


The Chapline family
Blue Valley North High School, Leawood, KS
Tom Chapline, Southern Methodist University;The Cox School of Business
Mark Chapline, University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism

We were extremely pleased with the professional guidance and assistance that Jim Heryer gave to both of our sons.   He presented us with a realistic timeline for the college application process, which was very helpful, especially as “first-timers.”

The self-assessment process was extremely important in helping our sons develop insight.  By facilitating a thorough examination of their accomplishments to date they were then able to translate that knowledge into the discovery of appropriate college choices. He exposed us to a variety of schools in specific categories, which in turn helped our sons differentiate and segment the overwhelming amount of choices that are out there.

Jim has a fantastic network of college admissions counselors and his assistance in making the connections is invaluable.

The end result was that both of our sons were accepted to a variety of schools that were good “fits” and received academic scholarships as well.  We are grateful to have had this guidance during this critical time in our sons’ lives.

Robert and Elise Chapline (parents)


Melissa McKittrick
Shawnee Mission East High School, KS
Vanderbilt University, TN (The Cornelius Vanderbilt full tuition scholarship)

From the beginning, Jim focused on getting to know Melissa and helping her identify colleges that would be a good fit for her. He helped all of us work through the process and keep it in perspective. Jim was very responsive and insightful when we had questions. We were very pleased and recommend working with Jim

Bev McKittrick, parent


Hillary Stark
Pembroke Hill School, MO
Colgate University, NY

The strengths of the program include Mr. Heryer’s experience, his extensive knowledge of the college and connections with admissions personnel. He takes time to learn the strengths of each student and individualize a list of colleges most appropriate for that student. Mr. Heryer takes the added stress of searching for the perfect college from the parents and student and focuses on the positive aspects of the process

Kelly Stark, (parent)

Sarah Arn
Shawnee Mission South High School, KS
Yale University, CN

While many people were scrambling to figure out the college selection process, Mr. Heryer gave me a clear picture of what to do and how to decide what I wanted. He made me consider aspects of college life and college selection I would have otherwise overlooked. As a result, the application process was a breeze for me

(Sarah Arn)


Vernon Estes
St. Thomas Aquinas High School, KS.
University of Texas – Austin

The biggest strength of the program is being able to talk to/email/or meet with Mr.Heryer when we had a question and that he would always respond when we had a question in a timely manner…He made the entire program much easier and kept all of us on deadlines .

Sondra Estes, (parent)

Doug Dellinger
Blue Valley North High School, KS
Duke University, NC ED Early Decision

The greatest strengths of this program are Mr. Heryer’s experience and intuition in matching students to schools and his vast network of students and employees at institutions who are able to help.

(Doug Dellinger)


Weston Schaper
Olathe Northwest High School, KS
Texas Christian University, TX (Faculty Scholarship)

The program helped me to put the entire college search process into perspective. It is tough to know what to do when you have a lot of opportunities and Mr. Heryer helped me narrow that arena down to a manageable size.

(Weston Schaper)


David Isenberg
Shawnee Mission East High School, KS
Macalester College, MN

We found that Jim was very knowledgeable, organized and was able to give us good timetables in terms of getting David’s applications in on time. He also is an excellent editor and made good suggestions and changes

(Ann Isenberg, parent)


Anee Sophia Jackson
Shawnee Mission East High School, KS
University of Notre Dame IN, ED Early Decision

Using your services gave us a sounding board independent of the other resources normally used. The separate time with Anee was also helpful.

(Bill Jackson, parent)


David Patrick parent of three children who used Mr. Heryer’s consulting services

Kathryn Patrick to Valparaiso University, Victoria Patrick to Butler University, and William Patrick application decisions pending spring of 2012-02-16

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Jim partner with all three of my kids for college preparation. Jim’s system is extremely thorough and results in college applications that are well thought out. Jim has a highly structured step by step process that guides the student in a productive and efficient manner.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Harrison Campbell

Blue Valley North High School, KS

Submitted February, 2012 when counseling with Harrison in process spring semester 2012

“After a very thorough search in mid-2011, we hired Jim as a College Coach for our soon-to-be-junior in high school. We were looking for someone with deep experience and great college/university contacts across the country who could communicate effectively with our son. Jim was highly recommended by a number of folks. All of us (including our son) are very pleased with the process, work and results to-date.”

Marjorie Townsend

Pembroke Hill School (junior in spring semester, 2012)

Recommendation from Guy Townshend, Marjorie’s father

 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Jim is top of his field. I have a business closely associated with college and university placement and I send my children to exclusive private college preparatory high schools… yet the school can  not provide the kind of one on one coaching and guidance that Jim can in the college selection process. His individual one on one approach helps students visualize their goals and begin to focus on the right college choices. Well worth the investment.” February 7, 2012